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Under-Surface Membrane Green

Green Damp Proof Membrane is to be laid under concrete flooring to prevent rising moisture by acting as a waterproofing. This product is available in our Mono-Extruded (Green 250 micron) range as well as our Co-Extruded (Green and Black 170 micron) range as well.


  • Excellent tear and puncture resistant properties
  • Better curing of concrete and prevents contamination
  • Prevents unhealthy living conditions
  • Prevents rising moisture by acting as a waterproofing


  • SANS 952-2021
  • Film Type C : Polyethylene sheeting


  • 1m x 30m x 250mic
  • 2m x 30m x 170mic
  • 2m x 30m x 250mic
  • 3m x 30m x 170mic
  • 3m x 30m x 250mic
  • 4m x 30m x 170mic
  • 4m x 30m x 250mic
  • 6m x 30m x 250mic