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How We Do It


In search for the ideal post consumer recycling technology we experienced that conventional technology does not meet today's requirements in daily recycling practice. The simple yet genius design of this plant combines the two contrary targets optimum degassing and finest filtration (read more). It rules out the well-known disadvantages of conventional degassing extruders, that are, among others, a limited ability to overcome pressure, sensibility to clogged screens, and, last but not least, insufficient degassing particularly in the case of heavily printed or heavily contaminated feeding material.

Videos from EREMA

Our EREMA Pelletiser can process upto 27 tons of LDPE and HDPE per day. We have 5 machines like this, showing that truly no order is too large for us to handle.


Founded in 1976 Sorema specializes in PE Washing Plants having many years of experience. DC Plastics has the latest in Sorema technology. Specializing in washing off exterior dirt, separating contaminants and advanced drying features. We are targeted at High efficiency and High Capacities. The features of this machine allows us to process contaminated post consumer materials without compromising our strict levels of quality.


The ZERMA shredders have been developed for the size reduction of PE pipes up to 1,300mm. Pipes up to 6 meters in length may be shredded without the need for pre cutting. The centre piece of the machine is a 1500 mm diameter cutting rotor equipped with knifes operating at low speed, ensuring smooth, efficient size reduction of pipes.

Large pipes or bundles of pipes of smaller diameter are loaded into the horizontal feeding trough, the trough is closed and locked automatically and the hydraulic pusher forces the pipes towards the rotor. The shredded material is then discharged on to a conveyor belt and transferred to a Granulator, reducing it to the final size.